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Hot! Audio DB Tha General Speaks Out About Philthy Rich, Says They Jumped The Gun


Yesterday many fans woke up and logged on to their favorite social media sites to see and hear more ruckus stirring up in the Northern California region. Oakland rapper Philthy Rich released “Swear To God” calling out  the Bay Area’s Messy Marv, Db Tha General and Kafani. As reported by us, on our sit down with Philthy Rich getting his story as to the reason of his latest release.

Today we get a chance to listen to 1/3 of the artists mentioned in the infamous track. DB Tha General reached out to the Siccness Network and wanted to give his side of the story, stating that this latest stunt came out of left field and caught him completely off guard. When ask if he through shade towards Philthy in a rap line, he denied the idea and gave his story behind the line that has caused the stir up.

DB The General Also fired back with a response of his own. DB Tha General – Luke 13:16 (Philthy Rich Diss)

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