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Hot! Daz Dillinger Criticizes Death Row

Daz Dillinger was a part of Death Row Records and West Coast hip hop’s heyday, and in a recent interview with HipHopDX, the Dogg Pound member voiced his frustration and criticisms of the “new” Death Row Records ownership.

“The new Death Row [ownership], they don’t know what the f**k they doing, they just f**king all the sh*t up,” Daz said. “They just putting sh*t out and not mixing it right. [Current Death Row Records President] John Payne think he the creator of Death Row, he [was] nothing but a studio mothaf**kin’ intern. Now he over there running it and it’s like he over there trying to make deals with us, but ain’t trying to give us no money. Like, ‘Y’all come over here and promote this album.’ Man, who the f**k is you? So I’m going to take an album that I just titled, make it the same title as yours- they made the Doggy Bag and we made Dogg Bag. So we like “F**k you,” we got a new Dogg Pound album coming out, and it’s going to be hard. We got a movie to it too. Everything is visual now when you making music.”


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