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Hot! D.J. Jusz Nyce Readies His Lastest Single “Eyes Like A Seahawk” Animal Talk

With the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl, you can imagine how the local Hip-Hop scene is inundated with Seahawk anthems right now. Imagine a state of hungry M.C.’s trying to capitalize on the Grammy winnings of Macklemore and the national prominence of the city’s football team. Most of the anthems are just a list of player’s names, beast-mode shout-outs, 12th-Man mentions, and Legion of Boom lines. How does a listener find the best anthem out there? What makes a Seahawk anthem special? What makes it more than just a flash-in-the-pan song trying to ride the coattails of the popularity of the Seahawks?

How about actually make a good, unique, quality track that is more than just about the superficiality of football? That is what D.J. Jusz Nyce has done. He’s even enlisted the help of a Washington outsider, Phil Da Agony, to help give the song a national-appeal. Not only does Phil drop the 1st-verse, but he also spits the hook. “Animal Talk” is the name of Jusz Nyce’s new Seahawk track. The single comes equipped with its own Seahawk inspired graphic, but the song is much more about the hustle and struggle than it is about football. Instead of making the normal sports song, Nyce and his compatriots have seized the vibe of the Seahawks. The animal-instinct that the team has used to achieve success this year is lyrically-explained in this song. Phil Da Agony, Lil Ripp, and Starz (both from Tacoma) add an intelligent street dynamic to the track.

The Seahawks are only a bird, how could they defeat much bigger and scarier animals like lions, tigers, and bears? With heart and pure will; Washington State might be a lot smaller than a lot of other places in the country, but the fight that these M.C.’s packs into their rhymes show that it is the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight that matters.


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