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Hot! Creator of “Martin” sitcom threatens to sue Trinidad James for stealing ‘Jerome Rome’s’ style

For over two months, the jokes about Trinidad James continue to pile up. Trinidad James released “All Gold Everything” and many began calling him one of the worst rappers ever. A number of rappers called Trinidad James out. However, there were that many more who actually supported his unique style.

When the “All Gold Everything” music video came out, Trinidad James was met with even more jokes. Fans who watched the video said they thought it was a parody the first time they saw the video. Since Trinidad James has begun making his media rounds, he has gained comparisons to the “Martin” character, ‘Jerome Rome,’ the pimp, played by Lawrence.

Now, Gerald Levin, the creator of “Martin” has filed a lawsuit against Trinidad James for infringing on ‘Jerome Rome,’ who donned all gold two decades ago. Gerald Levin watched the video for “All Gold Everything” and said “no one can be this unattractive on purpose.” Levin is confident his style comes from “Martin” and has plans to sue for $5 million if he does not stop.

Last week, Trinidad James signed a $2 million deal with Def Jam.

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