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Hot! CPO Boss Hogg Releases New Music

CPO Boss Hogg has recently released brand-new music from his forthcoming album “I, Boss”, slated to arrive later this year.

Of the new music released, 2 tracks feature production from Tha Chill of Compton’s Most Wanted on “Your Body Is Hot” and “They Boogie”.  A third track, “Supa Gangsta” is produced by CPO’s brother Bokie, who has made appearances alongside many west coast acts including Tha Chill, MC Ren, Tha Eastsidaz,Kokane and others.

Known for his unique, deep voice The “Barry White of Rap” has had a 25-plus year career collaborating with the likes of NWA, 2Pac, MC Ren, Warren G, Tha Eastsidaz, E-A-Ski, Xzibit, and Snoop Dogg among others.

CPO Boss Hogg’s latest releases, “Your Body Is Hot”, “They Boogie”, and “Supa Gangsta” are available on iTunes and other digital retailers now!

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