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Hot! Chris Gotti Talks 50 Cent Vs Meek Mill, Irv Gotti, Troy Ave & Jay Z/Tidal w/ Angie Martinez

Irv Gotti’s brother, Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo, stopped by The Angie Martinez Show to serve up some information on his new digital venture.

Chris, who is the former VP, General Manager of Murder Inc. Records, has launched Add Ventures Music which is a tool to help new artists on the path to success.

During his visit Chris talked about:

Coming from a family of hustlers.
Being Irv Gotti’s big brother and how his brother supports his new venture.

His new digital project, ADD Ventures Music, which helps artists put out their music by providing them with consulting, digital distribution, marketing + access to Chris’ relationships that he’s build in the past few decades.

The team he’s put together to help handle the hundreds of upcoming artists which have signed up for his services.

Ja Rule and Ashanti also putting out music through ADD Ventures.
He gives us a solid example of how he has helped a particular new artist build up his social media presence.

Jay Z asking him to bring ADD Ventures over to Tidal.
Seeing something in Troy Ave from the very beginning and wanting to work with him.

How independent artists have to work even harder today.
His 5-year goal? That his company be the new blue print for the record industry.

The beef between 50 Cent and Murder Inc. back in the day and how different it was without social media.

Whether or not he thinks Meek Mill can make a comeback and how it must be done.

His advice for Meek to “make everyone forget” about him taking so many recent losses.


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