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Hot! Video Chris Gotti on 50 Cent Getting Stabbed at Hit Factory, Paying $250K to Victims

Chris Gotti sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he detailed the now-infamous stabbing in 2000, involving the Murder Inc. crew and 50 Cent. While recalling the story, Chris made it clear that Ja Rule was not a part of the incident, but he told us that it was Ja that alerted him to 50 Cent being at the Hit Factory.

When asked about the altercation, Chris said that the Murder Inc. crew found 50 after a difficult search, and without going into too much detail he said that “a lot of things happened when them lights went out.” During the fight 50 Cent sustained stab wounds, and Chris said that he was hit with a speaker thrown by the G-Unit rapper. Gotti then revealed that it was Benzino that saved him by lending the rapper a car to go to the hospital and get treated.

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