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Hot! Chise Releases New Visual For “Believe” ft. Shareef Keyes & Revolutionary Love

Staten Island shows and proves on rapper Chise’s new single, “Believe,” which features fellow S.I. artist Shareef Keyes lending his smooth vocals to the hook, and his beat-crafting skills on the instrumental. Music with a message, Chise tells his true story of quitting his 9-5 to pursue his real dreams of making music, like this song, that have the power to inspire anyone on their path to success. The video depicts the daily struggle of those who are truly about their hustle, doing whatever it takes to make it to the top and take care of themselves and their loved ones.
“Believe” is the second single off of Chise’s debut mixtape, Almost There: Visions, Vices & Vulnerabilities, dropping on February 16th, 2014.
A note from the artist: Believe is a dedication to everybody following their dreams and in-depth look at the difficulty an artist faces on a daily basis. “Believe” was originally written as a reminder for myself to keep grinding despite dealing with all the stress that comes along with the creative career path I chose. Ideally, my individual note-to-self can serve as inspiration to you as well. #AlmostThere #Believe
Believe in your vision. Believe in your struggle. Believe in yourself.

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