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Hot! Chinx” Welcome To JFK” Available 08.14.2015

Chinx album Welcome To JFK will be in stores 8.14  Now listen to the first single “On Your Body” featuring Meet Sims.

Born Lionel Pickens in Queens, New York, Chinx  paved his musical path since an early age. Surrounded and influenced by some of the greats of our era, his sound was “I don’t want to fit in,” he said. “I want people to respect my music. I have the drive to be original and to stay true to who I am as a person and as an artist, and not create a gimmick with my artistry.”

Listening to artists like NWA on the West Coast and Wu-Tang and Nas in the East, growing up Chinx wanted to emulate the freedom of expression that his favorite artists embodied with their lyrics. Raised in Far Rockaway, he was surrounded by a level of poverty that drove people into drugs, the ghetto and the streets. While divulging into that lifestyle personally, music gave him an outlet to convey his experiences, his fears and his ambition. An ambition that drove him as a father and as a musician


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  1. it is produced by lee on the beats and bkorn

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