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Hot! Chief Keef’s Second Baby Mama Professes Love For Another Man At His Mansion

The mother of Sosa’s second child is enjoying herself in Chief Keef’s mansion and made a few questionable IG posts professing her love for another man while Sosa’s away.

Sosa is currently in Los Angeles serving a court-ordered 90 days in rehab after failing a drug test, a violation of his probation terms.

Despite carrying Sosa’s alleged seed, the young lady posted an image of IG user @savage_spvzz and wrote a long thought-out message, referring to him as her “best friend” and “other half.”

“My main nigga I think I like this hoe, my best friend. My Otha half & more. A lot of y’all got it fucked up & I’m here to clear it up. He got the spot & Yall can’t take it. Y’all mad or nah? Thought y’all had one up on me but like always I Win & y’all lose…When it come to him there’s no comparing.. I aggravate the shit out of him, I call him for no reason, I ask him a million questions over & over, sometimes I be wanting the Stiiiii but he never give me it.. So on that not Y’all can’t fuck this up if y’all wanted too. Cause He Stuck BTW I love you,” she wrote.


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