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Hot! “Chaos Loc Speaks On Kanye West & Meek Mill”

E1st da muthaphukkin deal!? I just got done recording “14” new songs for my “Locaveli 3:Trap Season” album. That’s in the ECM vault waiting for the New Year to come bacc around. I plan on releasing Locaveli 3 & 4 on the same day sometime in 2019. These pussy ass pigs put a Loc on 30 days phone restriction but I still managed to put another hot album in the vault and get craccin on LCM! Real spit, I’m in this bitch kiccin cacc cein cool. I had to spazz on a pig for testing my nutz but I’m easty tho. I ain’t in here spazzin out everyday getting hella ticcets like I used to. I’m still keeping my head up to the true blue sky and remaining positive. I haven’t lost my mind like Kanye West. Thank the Crip God!
Kanye West is going through some real serious mental issues right now and he has seriously lost touch with reality. He’s having a major identity crisis, and he’s still mourning the loss of his mother. He doesn’t need to get shot or killed by the Crips.But the Crips really do need to have a blue carpet intervention with him. He might need a couple of blue chuccs up his ass but killing him is not necessary. Kanye is far from a bad person. But he is hella confused right now. He is not crazy at all. He’s just going through something with inside of himself right now. Kanye is in his own world right now because the wounds of losing his mother is not healing. Those wounds will never heal and I know that first hand.
Shout out to Van from TMZ for speaking up and representing for every blacc man and woman in America dealing with the realities of what’s really going on in our community. I respect you for that bra bra!
I know Kanye felt and understood what you were saying. You really had his undivided attention when you started speaking. I hope he starts to see the big picture and realize that punk Trump is not his brother. Trump will never walk the streets of Chicago or Los Angeles and try to mediated gang beef between rival gang members. We already got positive African American community leaders and activists trying their hardest to do that. They are the ones that Kanye need to be calling his brother. They put their lives on the line everyday to help prevent gang violence in their city. Whether they succeed at saving lives or not, they’re still continuing to try. They are taking a huge chance on getting themselves killed by tryna stop retaliatory killings by hardcore gang members with no understanding of peace. They need the proper recognition for their bravery and dedication to the cause. They got street teams in Chicago that Kanye doesn’t even speak on publicly. Poppa D, Nipsey Hussle, Big U, and Snoop Dogg stay keeping the revolution in progress in L.A. County. Those are the ones that Kanye should be calling his brothers. Those are the ones that need to be respected and recognized for making a difference in their community. Kanye need to wake up and smell the Kush and quit talking down on his ancestors. When Kanye disrespect his own ancestors, he’s disrespecting himself. Despite what’s going on right now in 2018, we should never forget where we came from and what our people went through as Africans and African Americans in America. Blacc history cannot and will not be erased or forgotten.
Slavery was not a choice for our ancestors. They were forced into slavery. They were kidnapped by force, isolated, and tortured by slave owners. Our ancestors was raped, beaten, mutilated, starved, and mentally abused. They were captured by a team of slave owners with guns. They got shaccled up and handcuffed. Some of the slaves might have attempted to refuse to get abducted but they got beat to sleep. Against their will, they were handcuffed and shaccled while they were unconscious. After all of that, they woke up on a boat on their way to a foreign country full of enemies. Our ancestors went through pure hell. Then they were forced to picc cotton in the cotton fields in the flaming hot sun until they got blisters on their hands and feet. They were considered property and they were constantly being sold to the highest bidder. They were transported around with shaccles around their ankles and a metal leash around their necc. The only choices they had bacc then was to be an obedient slave or die a rebel. Kanye West has too much love in his heart to die a rebel in a situation like that. He’d rather get liposuction instead of doing sit ups and cardio to get rid of his stomach fat. If he can’t fight his own fat cells, how in the hell is he gonna fight slavery? LCM!
I’m not bussin no major shots at Kanye because I know exactly what’s he’s going through. I just hope he really get some professional help and overcome his tragic situation. I don’t feel that medication is the answer to his problem. He just need a reality checc and a major attitude adjustment. Once he wake up from his coma, I hope he apologize to all of the people he disrespected and disappointed. Especially to all of his ancestors and the civil right leaders that fought for our rights to be free from bondage and treated equal as citizens. Apologize to all of them legends that sacrificed and laid down their lives for the rights of all African Americans.
Much love and respect to Raymond Washington, Tookie Williams, Harriet Tumblin, Nat Turner, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, George Jakcson, Huey P. Newton, Michelle Obama, and our first blacc president Mr. Baracc Obama. All of your legacies will live on forever!
Make sure you download my new “Locaveli 2: I’m Reloaded” album and snatch up my book “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” from Amazon. com. I’m most likely gonna be stucc in this supermax penitentiary until I get released. I will continue to release new music until the day I touchdown. Continue to follow me and supporting East Coast Mafia Entertainment. E’z up, I’m outro!
“Chaos Loc Speaks On Meek Mill”
It’s always good to see a positive blacc man get released from jail or prison. Meek Mill definitely deserve his freedom. I’m in full support of his release from Babylon. I can definitely identify with and relate to what he’s going through. This man has been put in a tricc bag by the judicial system for 12 years all over being in possession of a firearm. He was convicted from the testimony of a crooked cop with absolutely no credibility. Meek was set up by that judge to fail. He has been on probation since he was 19 years old. He is 31 years old now. All because he was in possession of a punk ass gun? The gun wasn’t even used in a crime! I’ve been caught with guns on a few occasions bacc in my early 20’s. I’ve been to juvenile prison and adult prison for some extremely violent crimes. I’ve been on probation and parole on several occasions. One time I was on intensive probation and parole at the same damn time. I made it off of parole twice but never made it off of probation. Being on probation is way worser than being on parole. Probation has always been a trap by the judicial system. If you violate probation a couple of times and get sent to the county jail for those 3-6 months for a PV, you might as well just tell the judge to send you to prison so you can get the probation department off your bacc. You will be on probation longer than you will be in prison if you don’t quiccly make that decision. Nobody wants to go to prison so they take probation even though that’s not always the best decision. I would rather go to prison for 3 years than get stucc on probation for 5-10 years. That’s a real big waste of valuable time. You can be on probation for 5 years and still get sent to prison for the original time you got on the shelf. If you’re not living a squeaky clean lifestyle, probation is not going to work out in your favor.

I had a couple of judges that believed in me. They believed that I could rehabilitate myself and become successful in life, so they treated me pretty fair. I served some very lenient sentences for some very serious crimes. It wasn’t until I was sentenced to 15 years in prison that I started to see the big picture. In the situation that I’m in right now, I was definitely over sentenced by 8 years. I’m doing an extra 8 years in prison just because of my criminal history alone. I was given 8 extra years in prison for simply being labeled a “Repeat Violent Offender”. I was sentenced to 4 years for actually shooting my snitchin ass victim, 3 years for a gun that they never retrieved, and 8 extra years for being labeled a “Repeat Violent Offender”. I ain’t too much trippin about serving time for shooting the chump. I ain’t even trippin about serving time for the gun that they never retrieved. I did the crime so I’m doing the time. It’s the extra 8 years for being labeled a “Repeat Violent Offender” is what’s got me shaking my head. That’s injustice for sure but I’m dealing with it.

I’m eligible for an early release in October of 2019 but I’m dealing with the same type of judge that Meek Mill is dealing with. Bacc in 2004 I was sentenced to 3 years for shooting some mark with an assault rifle. The judge that I had on that case promised to release me after serving 2 years. During the time I was in prison serving my sentence, she transferred to the appeals court and left her seat to a power trippin monster. When I filed for my early release after serving 2 years, he denied my release even though the agreement was in writing. I’ve been trying to get him off my case every since then, but he refuse to take a hike. smh…

Point is, I wish Meek Mill the best in his situation because he deserve to be vindicated and released from bondage. He’s not a threat to society by no means. Prison is for people that can’t manage to survive in society without continuously committing senseless crimes. Meek Mill only got caught with a gun as a teenager. Nothing serious at all…

Since then, he has managed to become very successful in his young life. He has remained dedicated to his career and haven’t committed a real crime since being placed on probation. He grew up around violence but he’s no longer a product of his environment. He is on probation for a nonviolent offence getting treated like a serial killa. He needs a second chance at life, period! I don’t think that he will blow it by no means. He already made it out of his situation. His city got major love and respect for him. He got kids looking up to him. He got lots of people counting on him to stay out of trouble. He can’t let all of them people down. He has a mother that’s in full support of him as her son. He’s definitely not gonna do anything to disappoint her. Shout out to Meek Mill and every other blacc man or woman going through the struggle. Let’s come together and get some prison reform craccin so we can stop losing our love ones to this crooked system. Chaos Locaveli, I’m outro!






“Chaos Loc Speaks On Kanye West”

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