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Hot! Cali Meets Australia: Kokane & Traffik Ft. G. Malone “Turn It Up”

“When cultures collide, the result can be anything fron wonderful to deadly. In the case of Australian musician Trafford Kennedy, better known under his artist moniker Traffik, and Jerry Long, better known as Kokane, the marriage of two styles from different continents resulted in an exceptional fusion of funk, neo-soul and hip-hop, aptly titled “The New Frontier”.
Kokane and Traffik join forces on their collaborative effort, “The New Frontier”, which is slated for a summer 2012 release. The album fuses the artists’ many influences, from early 90’s West Coast Rap to futuristic neo-soul sounds and vintage funk elements. Over the course of the album, the two artists exchange soulful verses, blended in with raps from Kokane, along with guest appearances of Tha Chill (of multi-platinum group Compton’s Most Wanted), Soopafly (Doggystyle Records) among others. In times when a dominating part of music released sounds forced and formulated, “The New Frontier” is a breath of fresh air, with its boundary-pushing and liberating sound.”

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