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Hot! Busta Rhymes tells when Tupac Shakur dissed A Tribe Called Quest

The 1990s are significant for a number of reasons. In hip hop, it is known as the most-violent period in history and when commercial hip hop rose to unexpected heights. While the decade is probably best-known for Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. having an unfortunate feud, the decade is full of memories. A number of the current rap veterans, including Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Jadakiss, originated in the 1990s.

Tupac Shakur is easily the most-prolific rapper of the 1990s, due to his larger than life persona and his intellactual thug behavior. There were many untold Tupac stories, including his feud with Nas, which was never properly resolved. However, there are many more stories about Tupac Shakur which have gone untold, until now.

Busta Rhymes recently spoke with about some of his memories of Tupac Shakur. At the 1994 Source Awards, Tupac Shakur interrupted A Tribe Called Quest’s acceptance speech. Busta Rhymes revealed he tried to broker peace behind the scenes. The Cash Money Records star also discussed Tupac Shakur shooting at police officers in Atlanta.


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