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Hot! Bushwick Bill Documentary In The Works (Trailer)

This is A Official Video for the documentary film about Bushwick Bill, original member of the Houston based gangsta rap group THE GETO BOYS, the first southern Rap group in the history of HIP HOP to get national exposure blowing the doors open for many of today’s number ONE artists. Bushwick Bill – Geto Boy, is a feature documentary that chronicles the life of one of the most notorious gangster rappers of all time, who just so happens to be a charming, hysterical, one-eyed dwarf. As a character study, the film reveals a now more mature Bill reflecting on his highly controversial life as one of the original Ghetto boys.

The documentary examines Richard Shaw AKA Bushwick Bill’s rise to cult stardom and exploitation at the hands of record companies that have left him broke, nearly homeless and even suicidal. Take a once in a lifetime journey as Bill recounts his most memorable triumphs and failures, both public and private. Famous but not rich, Bill has struggled with both notoriety and the blurred lines between a person and their persona. Despite a life full of challenges, let downs and bad decisions, the diminutive Bill has managed to overcome the obstacles, often with a wink and a smile. Never at a loss for words, even today, Bill is full of advice, both good and bad. His life is unconventional, exceptional and borders on the surreal. Bill is living proof that truth is undoubtably stranger than fiction. One part train wreck and one part unbelievable inspirational story Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy is a bizarre cautionary tale revealing that tough times never last, but tough people sure do.

$50,000 is required to complete Bushwick Bill: A Geto Boy.

You can donate to Bushwick Bill: A Geto Boy via IndieGogo.


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