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Hot! Exclusive: BTS With Fashawn & DJ Fresh At The 2016 Grizzly Fest

Fashawn & DJ Fresh

Grizzly Fest 2016
Behind The Scenes & Performance

Fashawn Interview
by Omega Crosby


As a photographer/cinematographer i had the oppurtunity
to gain backstage access with rapper Fashawn and DJ Fresh
for Fresno’s 2016 Grizzly Fest. The pictures that were captured
speak for the experience, it was simply amazing. The energy
the two artists shared with the crowd and the fans was incredible.

Omega Crosby: Not to get too personal, but I have one question
when did you start rapping and how did you manage to get
to this status as a rapper in the industry?

Fashawn: I’ll be straight real with you. Hard work, dedication, patience
and God. Believing in myself everyday and not quitting got me here.
I never thought i would get here, but people say this is it.
This is the “high life”, but no. I know i can do better and i’m still growing
as a human being and an artist. To any young artists out there, I want
to say follow your dreams and never give up. I would love to give
you more crystals and bars on this hip hop lifestyle, but i have
to practice my set.


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