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Hot! Brotha Lynch Hung Releases Unreleased Single “On Fire”

Brotha Lynch Hung (born Kevin Mann) is a rapper from Sacramento, California. Lynch’s lyrics are notorious for featuring highly explicit themes, including murder, gang violence, drug use, rape, and cannibalism. Lynch debuted with the 1992 album 24 Deep, which featured stories of the struggles involved with being affiliated with a local street gang in Sacramento’s “Garden Blocc”.

His second album, Season of da Siccness, released in 1995, proved to be the one of the most gruesome and misogynistic gangsta rap albums ever released, graphically chronicling a life of drug use and sale, promiscuity, ultra-violence, rape, infanticide (he often spoke of eating and killing his baby momma’s children while still in the womb), and supposed cannibalism. This is Lynch’s most commercially successful album, as it has now achieved gold album sales status.

Yesterday during the Super Bowl frenzy, the “Garden Blocc” rapper blessed his fans with another jewel from the Madesicc vault. “On Fire” is a 2010 unreleased recording session now available for streaming and online purchase.




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