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Hot! Bone Thugs To Record Final Studio Album, One Copy To Be Printed

Bone Thugs to follow in Wu Tang’s footsteps.

Apparently RZA is still the trendsetter today that he was back in the early 90s. Just a few months after the Wu recorded and pressed one copy of their new studio album (reportedly bid upon for $5 million), all five members of California’s Bone Thugs N Harmony have decided to follow suit.

In a report by TMZ, the group states their intentions to embark on a brand new world tour starting in March. With all five members present, the shows would carry on for several months into 2015. After the tour concludes, they intend to get back in the studio and record one last album together before officially putting down the mic and walking away from hip-hop music forever.

The asking price for the album? At least $1 million.

The album will be auctioned off upon completion. If you’re a serious Bone Thugs fan, maybe it’s time to start saving up.

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