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Hot! BinkY Mack From The Group Allfrumtha I Set To Release New Mixtape

As one-half of the Inglewood, California, based rap duo Allfrumtha I, Binky Mack, whose first appearance, alongside longtime partner-n-rhyme Squeak Ru, K-Dee and The Comrads, on wax came courtesy of the Westside Connection’s ’96 LP, Bow Down [“Hoo-Bangin’ (WSCG Style)”], has been a musical force to be reckoned with for the past (nearly) sixteen long years.

The first order of brand new business at hand is Binky Mack’s forthcoming solo mix-tape, the appropriately titled, The Black Republican. “As far as the name, I always listen to conservative radio. Disagreeing with some, but agreeing with some of it as well,” Binky answers diplomatically, when asked as to what actually prompted him to title the project this. Elaboraing, he re-iterates, “I felt I was already rolling with the Democrats, so let me listen to the enemy…*He chuckles* But, Republicans make a lot of sense. One example, they believe in getting out there and making it happen, instead of depending on the government to do it for you. I’m rollin’. But, overall, I am independent. I think for myself — God first.”

On the overall creative direction he took on The Black Republican, Mack describes in great detail, “Well, the music is a few new pieces with some of the dope stuff I’ve had sitting around. I am still listening back and forth to see which songs will actually make it. Things are coming together well though. But, I am coming with 10 songs that I feel are bangin’. I want to get back to the Slick Rick days…Big Daddy Kane, Whodini. Where I put in all the work. I produced the whole thing, besides one that DonDoe did. But, there will be a few guest spot surprises (as well).” The Black Republican is a precursor of sorts to Binky Mack’s upcoming, still untitled EP release, scheduled for release before year’s end .

In other Allfrumtha I related news, also be on the look-out for more future projects from the group itself. “Yes, we got two projects coming. Maybe a(n) overseas tour. Working on all that right now,” Binky projects. Continuing, he specifies, “But, we have like a greatest hits called Greatest Bangin’ Hits coming real soon. Old stuff off of our CDs, plus two new songs. And, then a new CD!

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