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Hot! Beta Bossalini Fresh Out And Working On New Project

Beta Bossalini, a legend in the making , is set to drop his highly anticipated BetaFace Manson Album, an album sure to satisfy the hunger of the cult following army of his that has spawned over the years.

This Album is a breathe of fresh, entirely different from the current music in the industry, BetaFace Manson brings you to a much darker world, about world truths and lies, friends and foes, life and death… told from the creative mind of Beta Bossalini.

The Production was left entirely to Southern California’s own Batkave Recordings, Seas of Rush Money Productions and producer J Boog. With a few appearances by his Sidewayz Mafia members, Juice Lee & Diezal, the album is solely carried by  Beta, even the mixing and mastering. The chilling art design strategically executed by Kalioso

Being the 2nd collective to The Bada Bing Collection, started with 2011’s classic BOOM album, BetaFace Manson is guaranteed to leave you with chills, Dropping Halloween 2012 the streets are no longer safe.

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