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Hot! Ben Simmons Stars in SHOWTIME Special “One & Done”

Ben Simmons LSU

Well it looks like Ben Simmons (LSU) will now be Ben Simmons (PHI), according to sources.


On top of all that, Showtime has announced a new documentary titled One & Done, which talks about the 19-year-old’s journey from Australia, his upbringing from high school, to college in the U.S., to the top rookie in the world. Dreams are finally coming true for the kid, as so with his father, David Simmons, who played 13 seasons in the Australian League. The Documentary also covers the controversial “One & Done” rule that was implied in 2006, stating that before entering the pro draft, players had to attend at least a year of college. Back in the day you could go in fresh out of high school like Kobe, Lebron, Shawn Kemp, Moses Malone, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, and TMac to name a few. Ben, being from Australia, had to attend LSU for a year of college before entering the draft. The Documentary is set to release in October, as they are still waiting for this weeks NBA Draft to complete the production.

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