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Hot! Behind The Scenes 12 Gauge Shotie & Lil Blood “Chicken Talk” Listening Party

In the sweltering heat of a summers day in California, we once again find ourselves in the cool confines of the exclusive Hunnid Club. This time we are back for the invite only listening party, for 12 Gauge Shotie (Yze Guyz Ent) and Lil Blood (3rd Wolrld/Heroin Music) joint project Chicken Talk. You just knew the night was gonna be lit as the guest(some of San Diego’s top movers and shakers) showed up to enjoy the music,drinks,food and atmosphere. Among-st those were Big June, Dosia Bo, Shawn Rude, Don Elway, Ryan Anthony, and the always soulful Tr7th. Not to mention Dj Birdy Bird was in attendance to lend a Dj’s ear and definetly his next turntable burner.

Inside of the Lit Lounge(which lives up to its name) party goers got to hear the songs like “Creep” “Dealer & User” and the lead single”Ugly” The album itself promises not to disappoint as there is a lil something for everybody on it or as 12 put it, something to driveby, smoke to and talk chicken. Run out and grab your copy of Chicken Talk, available on digital platforms and markets.

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