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Hot! Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss Discuss Past Beef

Speaking to Rap Fix Live’s Sway, Beanie Sigel and Jada talked over their past disagreements recently.

Sigel and Jadakiss had one of the most publicized beefs in Hip-Hop history. It seems, however, that the pair have definitely put past disagreements behind them. They joked about their previous disagreements in a recent interview with MTV’s Rap Fix Live.

Sigel launched into an explanation of how the beef began when Jada made a surprise cameo appearance on the show.

“I’m a rapper. I read between the lines,” Sigel said. “I was hearing a couple of little shots that somebody on my team was throwing out. And I heard a couple come back. And then I’m like, ‘Yo you wanna respond to that?’ So as a team player you know you gotta go out. It’s like if you ain’t gonna fight him I got him.”

Jadakiss also gave his version of events.

“It’s a lot of them,” said Jadakiss. “I know one that really like ‘wow.’ My first car was a 430 Benz AMG and on his first single he said, ‘You got the 430, small wheels.’ He probably didn’t even mean it for me, but I’m like ‘I gotta get rid of this little car.’”

Source: YoRaps 

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