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Hot! Video Beanie Sigel And Scarface Confirm Previously Announced Joint Album Release

Beanie Sigel and Scarface are looking to put out a new joint album which will be titled ‘Mac And Brad’ the rappers revealed via Twitter and recently confirmed the project in an interview. The album takes its title from the two rapper’s eponymous joint track from 2008 which first appeared on Sigel’s ‘The Truth’ which dropped in 2000.

Scarface surprised Sigel and Shade 45’s listeners when he called into ‘Showoff Radio’ to break the news about the album, although he indicated that the two rappers will have to finish off their solo projects before they can hit the studio. “I can’t wait for this shit. Me and Beans doing some easy shit right now. You know, separate solo acts but eventually we gonna double back and do that shit. I just wanted to break that news on XM man, Shade 45. I’m fucking with it,” said Scarface.

Beanie Sigel explained that Scarface was top of his list of rappers that he’d like to record with and said that he’d be happy if the upcoming joint album was the last record he ever produced. “That’s real rap cause that’s like my brother, my big brother. From my first album ‘The Truth’…my A&R they asked me ‘Yo, who you wanna work with?’ And I was like ‘Scarface.’ Like from the rip. I was set, like if I never did another record being able to do a record with Face I was cool with that man. My mission was complete,” explained Beanie.

Both rappers have been relatively inactive for the past few years but they are expected to drop solo albums soon including Sigel’s upcoming ‘The Classic’ which is expected to drop this summer and Beanie has said that he’ll drop a mixtape in the next few weeks.


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