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Hot! Bay Legends 11/5 give a rare Interview with the Murder Master Music Show

Bay Area Legends 11-5 recently were on the Murder Master Music Show for a very rare interview with the trio from Frisco. In the Mid 90’s with albums like “Fiendin’ 4 Tha Funk” and “A-1 Yola” they expanded their reach globally and now they are back. On the show they announced a project for November 5th to commemorate their anniversary as a group.

Taydatay, Maine-O, and Hennessy chopped it up with Host Prez and Special Co-Host Bay Area artist Devil Siccx whose brother was the late legendary Mike “Dream” Francisco as Siccx recalled his older brother giving him a Fiendin’ 4 Tha Funk shirt and turning him onto 11/5’s music at a younger age.

During the show the group went all the way back to the beginning and spoke about Dog Day Records and at the time not really knowing the record business. The group is now well aware that people around the world is highly anxious for some new material. During the show some new Tay solo songs were played as well as some 11/5 classics, but be on the look out November 5th and also sometime in 2016 for some brand new music from the Bay Area group.

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  1. SOOOOO EXCITED, cant wait to 6uy it, cant wait to hear it. REAL MUSIC WILL BE REVIVED!!! Thanx guys!!!!

  2. I have yet to find this CD or anything new by 11-5???? Can anyone help me figure out where I could find this new CD? 11-5 is prob one of the best underground rap groups in my opinion… Underrated and underestimated by far!

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