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Hot! Bay Area bred rapper Blanco has seemingly scored another viral hit in “LA Confidential.”

Chemistry Sets Stage For Explosive Street Album

Known for his penchant to produce thought provoking titles as much as hard hitting anthems, Bay Area bred rapper Blanco has seemingly scored another viral hit in “LA Confidential.”

The flawless track, pairs Blanco with famed Los Angeles rhyme hurler Nipsey Hussle and has appeared on a myriad of websites/blogs, including Hip Hop DX, Hip Hop Wired, World Star Hip Hop, We The West and XXL, among others.

Produced by longtime collaborators Cookin’ Soul, the hypnotic beat features a memorable sample from The Ohio Players’ “Funky Worm,” otherwise familiar to gangsta rap connoisseurs via NWA’s smash hits “Gangsta Gangsta” and “Dopeman.” While “LA Confidential” will inevitably conjure memories of old, it will almost certainly create new ones.

 “That beat along with Nipsey, is just platinum,” said Blanco, Guerrilla Entertainment’s lead artist, co-founder and resident Executive Producer. “I could have chosen any song on the album, but that was kinda like the safe bet and the best bet. I already know what people want from Nipsey and they want that song.

“It’s a West Coast banger that has a mixture of old and new sounds.”

Given the rich ties to NWA and West Coast Hip Hop in general, its handle and hype surrounding Nipsey (a one time Sony/Columbia hopeful who’s been rumored to have signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group), the buzz behind “LA Confidential” is unsurprisingly significant. Conceptually though, the track was never made as a means for either rapper to profess his undying love for the city of Angels.

“Every song on the album is named after a different strain of weed,” disclosed Blanco. “We just listened to the song and said that strain sounded best for the track. It’s not an ode to LA at all. I know it got a lot of LA hype around it because of the name, but I wasn’t really thinking about that.”

The chemistry between Blanco and Nipsey Hussle began a couple of years ago when the two hooked up on another Cookin’ Soul produced street anthem – “Shooter” – that subsequently went viral upon its release. From there, the two developed a kinship that followed them into the studio and ultimately led to a series of studio sessions on either artist’s home turf.

The result – a forthcoming street album entitled RAW (slated for an April 17th release) – is co-authored entirely by the impressive duo. An all out testament to their love for their craft and recreational innuendo, it promises pure, uncut, dope and unrefined good music, sans censorship.

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