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Hot! B-Legit & C-Bo Speaks On Latins In The Rap Game

With Treal TV Thizz Latin – Round 2 – The Rise Of An Empire, host Julio ‘Goldtoes’ Sanchez, and Director Karl Gandy, continue where they left off, documenting the rise of the Thizz Latin Franchise as it spreads from Coast to Coast. This time taking you from it’s home in the San Francisco Mission District all the way to the Bronx New York, down South to Miami, and back through Houston. Once again we travel through the the most notorious neighborhoods and Hip Hop cities in the U.S.A.

Those already familiar with Goldtoes from his work as the CEO of Black-N-Brown Entertainment know that ‘Toes’ is about hit-making and that he can’t and won’t stop until every man woman and child has gotten a proper dose of Thizz… (Latin style that is). Goldtoes takes you everywhere. Inside the Studios, Clubs, Radio Stations, Tattoo Shops, Malls, and everywhere in between. You’ll see all the usual suspects and more. So kick back, relax and Witness the Rise Of The Thizz Latin Empire!

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Showcase Your Next Project!