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Hot! A$AP Rocky Fights to Get His Stolen $15,000 Rolex Back From Fan — Video

A$AP Rocky hit the Camden Electric Ballroom in London on Wednesday night and nearly lost an expensive timepiece after his $15k watch was snatched from his wrist by a member of the audience. Rocky voiced his frustration to members of the audience and in the end a fan recovered the watch and returned it to him.

Rocky took a brief break from his set until he indicated that the show would go on even though his watch had been taken “Does it look like I’m playing right now?  We not gon’ end our show just ’cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. Fuck it, man,” said Rocky.

The individual who took the timepiece was promptly identified and chased out of the building by both security and fans. One audience member surprised Rocky when they returned from the chase holding up the watch.

The thief apparently didn’t escape unharmed and took a beating from audience members who were encouraged by Rocky telling them to “beat” the individual who snatched his Rolex.

Source: ThisBeatGoes

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