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Hot! A Native’s Guide to Inglewood with Casey Veggies

The narrative surrounding Inglewood, California is varied at best. Some people refer to the Los Angeles-area city as “Inglewood, up to no good,” connoting the city with a dark cloud of crime and poverty. While others, Casey Veggies for example, remember a much different experience.

According to the budding emcee, Inglewood offered the “best of both worlds” while growing up, the diversity of which contributed to his clever brand of new wave rap. The feeling of balancing two worlds is not only prominent in Veggies’ music, but also a running theme in DOPE, the landmark coming-of-age film in which Veggies is recently featured.

HYPEBEAST had the opportunity to speak with the Inglewood native as he walked us down memory lane, taking us to his personal institutions, including Inglewood High School, The Forum and some local eateries. While Veggies has a notorious wanderlust when he returns to Inglewood, he’s instantly reminded of the special experiences that formed his current self.

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