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Hot! Yelawolf Not Pleased With Interscope Records

The Shady Records rapper is far from happy with his record label.

Yelawolf’s attack focussed around Interscope’s unwillingness to put out more music on his behalf.

Yela explained that Interscope has only put out one official single in a whole year. In an interview with All Out Show, Yelawolf expressed his dissatisfaction with the label.

Radioactive, the last project I put out, was deliberately given to Interscope, and it was on a f*cking silver platter, given to them to work. Radio records,” Yela said. “Purposefully, it was my attempt. These motherf*ckers have given me one single in eleven months. I don’t really understand where the importance is — and that’s just me being real. … Shady’s great, I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some sh*t going on upstairs. I don’t know what the f*ck’s going on. Back to Trunk Music.”

Yelawolf is not alone in his criticisms of the label. Machine Gun Kelly also expressed his woes with Interscope recently. In an interview with Wild 94.1, he explained that he disliked the corporate side of the company.

“I open up an email,” he said, speaking of a song sent to him by the record label. “They’re like, ‘Yeah. Jimmy [Iovine] wants you to records a second verse to this.’ And it had the hook on it.’ I don’t operate like that. I hate cookie cutter songs. You weren’t there making the song with each other in the studio. It was presented to you. I write all my hooks. When I got this hook, I was offended. ‘You guys think I’m a cookie cutter artist?’ I don’t work like that.”

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