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Hot! 40 Glocc suing Game over summer 2012 fight

Clearly, 40 Glocc and Game will never be friends and there are several factors contributing to this. Everything from rival gangs to rival crew affiliations have made it where 40 Glocc and Game cannot stand to even be in the same room together. However, a few months ago, the two attended the same party and things did not turn out to well.

As stated by 40 Glocc, he was at a party when Game showed up. Wanting to leave immediately, 40 Glocc opted to wait around to show he was not afraid of Game and his entourage. After waiting for ten minutes, 40 Glocc exited the party. Soon after leaving, 40 Glocc was approached by Game and his entourage, who started a fight with him.

The entire hip hop world knows the rest of the story, as Game apparently beat up 40 Glocc and the footage was uploaded to YouTube. 40 Glocc soon made his media rounds, discussing the fight, saying he was jumped and the camera man was holding a gun. Now, 40 Glocc is making his case in court, suing Game for a damaged image, kidneys, ribs, and back.


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