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Hot! Lil Boosie Says He “Can’t Wait To Get Out”

Lil Boosie says his new music will show “growth” as a son, father and man.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Lil Boosie is slated to be released from prison months before he was originally scheduled, and with the news, Boosie says he’s excited to get out.

In contacting his publicist, Chew Davis of Von Chew Media & Entertainment, Boosie released a statement exclaiming his soon to be freedom.

“I can’t wait to get out and squash all that sh*t,” Boosie said in the statement via AllHipHop. “I think the folks are waiting for my return to the game.”

Boosie also confirmed he has hundreds of songs written during his time of incarceration and that they’re all ready to be recorded. According to him, his new material will be “real life music” and fans will be able to witness his “growth as a son, a father, a man and with the help of his brother TQ, a verified businessman.”

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