View Full Version : My Review Of Fahrenheit Instrumania: Level A

07-21-2002, 11:06 AM
Oh man I can't believe I waited this long to pick it up. I'm loving this instrumental album. I would suggest everyone picks it up! Here's the review:

1) "All Ova Da Place"

This is my first crack at a totally instrumental album, but here goes. This track starts it off right with a knoccin beat and great production all around. First Degree does a little bit of talking and singing and there is a little bit of background vocals on top of that. The beat is fast paced and fits perfectly with the production. There is a nice drum, some nice synthasized effects and overall great instruments. I'm loving this track to start it off. A nice 7:27 long track. Sweet overall.

2) "The Bully Car"

This track has more of slower pace to it with some nice guitar work. It's the same one as the sampler from "Big Black Bat." Elain Jones does the guitar work and does a perfect job of it. The beat is good and have a nice deep bass line to it. It's a nice track to kind of sit back and relax to. It doesn't make you want to get up and dance or move, but just sit back and soak in the instruments. At 7:37 long it's the perfect track to lay down and chill to, I'm loving it.

3) "Takin' the Train"

At 8:24 this is the longest track on the album. The mix of instruments, computer effects and beat fits together perfectly. The piano work is great by Andre Rivers. This track has a bit of a faster pace to it then the last one, but still has a kinda relaxed feel to it. There is a bit of singing on it. First Degree just sings about the train station. The humming sounds like a church choir. Everything fits together perfectly and sets a good mood. Another knoccin and great instrumental.

4) "Asain Princess"

This track doesn have kind of a oriental feel to it. It sounds like a harp in the background, which compliments the beat and other instruments. First Degree does a bit more singing. More good guitar work on this one by Elain Jones. This is probably my least favorite track, but they all are really great produced tracks, so you can't really say it's bad. I think it's that this beat gets old a little faster than the others. It's still a great produced track, not really good for flowing over, but great to listen to.

5) "Focus Happy"

Some really great piano work on this track. The beat is hard on this one. First Degree does some more singing with his good voice. More sweet production all around. It sounds more like a rap song then the other tracks. At only 6:18 it's the shortest track on the album, but it's still great. The DE does a lot of singing on this one. It's a sweet track to end the album with. I just hope this album is just the fist installment in a line of instrumentals from First Degree.

Overall this album is some of the best instrument and production work I've ever heard. First Degree proves to me again that he is one of the best producers perhaps of all time. He brings a great mix of hip-hop, jazz, techno, classical, singing, and whatever kind of music you can think of. He puts in just enough of his own singing to make each track different the whole way through the 7 minutes. Some great piano, guitar and various other instrument work the whole way through. Can't wait to hear the next installment of Fahrenheit Instrumania! An instant classic. GET IT!!