View Full Version : The Fahrenheit Shlangs- D.E.'s ad in Murder Dog

07-10-2002, 03:10 AM
I was flippin' through the pages of Murder Dog today at the store and saw D.E.'s ad. Full page! Good shit D.E., you doin' it homie. Is this ad in other mags or just Murder Dog? Oh yeah, I like your shirt, haha. When you expect The Bitti Club to come out? That girl on the right with her hand on her face is hella fine!, no disrespect, but she is. You 'bout to blow up wit a Fahrenheit BANG! Movin' on up...PEACE OUT!

Oh yeah, are those Fahrenheit shirts shippin' yet? I want to order two, but don't want to wait too long. Let us know! Thanks.