View Full Version : It's Official mayne....

06-14-2002, 10:27 AM
For all of you that haven't heard of me or my music, here's ya chance.


They call me Cuddie, Cuddie Cut to be exact. Coming straight from the streets of San Francisco, Ca. Mission District to be even more exact. I've been soaking up this rap game for 7 yrs plus and it's time I start make my own noise. Peep out my site when you get a minute. I got some pics, album snippetz, mini-bio and a message board. I'm not your average studio gangsta trying to be hard in this industry, I let my shit speak for itself. It's quality over quantity for me. My first album is in the works under One Way Out Ent/II KEYED MUSIC. Production by TAZTWI$TED, RICHOCHET and more!
Brake ya neck to this mayne!

"It's game for sale mayne, don't you hear the ice cream sound / get at me now before I'm no longer on the under-ground!" cuddie cut.....