View Full Version : D.E. I'm Crackenu but.....

05-17-2002, 12:51 AM
I believe that The Big Black Bat is like a DVD. You gotta "watch" it all the way through from begining to end. With that said, I really can't cruise to TBBB. I like to listen to it HIGH at home or HIGH on a freeway trip. For cruising, I still bump Damn That D.E.! almost two years straight everyday! Fo reals. Damn That D.E.! is almost too hard, haha, I loves that shit! I think I like it so much cause it's a lot of raps, sicc raps. I know TBBB just came out, but I hope on the next cd that it's mo' raps. I need more cruising music, because "99 percent of rap I cannot shlump", they skills is beneath you D.E.; why would I shlump? I guess for cruising, it's back to DTDE! for another two years, but who knows TBBB may become cruise-worthy for me in a minute, or when I get UDI(Msane); it might be the new cruiser I've been fiendin' fo'! PEACE OUT!