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"My Bidnes, My Bidnes, Stay Out my Fuckin Bidnes...Is Mine"....Man, I shouldn't be answerin to this shit, and addin fuel to this brush fire.....But Yeah man, from what I understand, ol' boy had a line in Benicia, and when I was doin my album, I had a couple thangs circulatin, in which happend to be "My Bidness". This was done in Sept 2001, and the album "All I Want" dropped February 2002. Ain't no puzzle how these major industry cats pinch and pull of the independent people and cats all day. However, I am not one to really gripe over no shit like that, just give me some skin. Might I add, I never met ol boy, but his album, dropped around the summertime, and he had a single called "Roll Out", it wasn't no coincidence that my shit was was the end of that fuckin song.."My Bizness, my bizness, stay the fuck up out my bizness". Nonetheless, I'm a happy for his success.
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